The Exceptionnelles® is a selection program that appeals to the public and to a panel of experts and designed to target the best new annual flowers and, starting in 2018, the best vegetable plants. Only naturally performing plants pass the selection test; that’s why they are exceptional!

The selection is done among the hundreds of horticultural novelties coming each year on the market.

They can be purchased at your participating Passion Jardins stores. Look for the Exceptionnelles® logo!

  • Ensoleillement: Soleil, Mi-ombre
  • Height: 45 à 60 cm
  • Width: 30 à 50 cm

This fantastic Peruvian Lily grows just as well in sun as in shade, with no burning of the creamy foliage. The dark orange-red flower makes a nice contrast with the lighter foliage.  The flower measures between 5 to 6 cm in diameter.

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  • Ensoleillement: Soleil, Mi-ombre
  • Height: 20-25 cm
  • Width: 12-27 cm

Here is a plant that will overlap almost entirely with flowers, to the point where its foliage will be essentially invisible!  The petals of a bright yellow look like small roses.  They are edible and a delicious tangy taste!  Planted in the sun or partical shade, this begonia will bloom from June to September.

Solenia Yellow also makes an excellent houseplant: do not hesitate to keep it inside the house during winter months.

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