Cultivation of edible flowers

Edible annual flowers are easy to sow indoors or in the garden. Opt for certified edible and organic seeds. Selection of edible flowers must be done in a careful way to ensure that they are authenticated for consumption. Your Passion Jardins merchant will offer you the best advice.

Many edible flowers are also excellent natural repellents in the vegetable garden or in flowerbeds. The practice of companionship and good farming methods will ensure healthy plants!


Most of them enjoy full sun, although some prefer half-shaded locations. They are particularly fond of fertile and well-drained soils and areas protected from dust and pollution. Watering is done as needed and in depth.

We recommend adding sea compost when planting in the spring or fall and adding a high-potassium natural fertilizer in August. This will be more than enough to fill their need for fertilization. Since these plants will be destined for consumption, avoid synthetic fertilizers and those too rich in nitrogen.


Cultivated edible flower plants are rarely organic, so it is best to wait at least 1 month (sometimes a year) before consuming their flower tips. To speed up their consumption, you can also remove the flowers and flower buds present at the time of purchase. This process allows the aerial parts to evaporate the pesticides stored more quickly in the beginning of their growth.

Cultivation in containers

Most annual edible flowers are easily grown in containers, while perennial flowers prefer garden cultivation. More frequent fertilizer inputs are sometimes required when grown in containers. Choose 100% natural and preferably organic fertilizers.