Quebec’s hardiness zones and its surroundings

What is a hardiness zone?

Hardiness is the plant’s ability to withstand the rigors of winter. The Canadian territory is classified into 9 hardiness zones that range from 0 to 8. The highest numbers are for areas with the mildest winter. In addition, each zone is divided into two classes, “a” and “b”. Class “a” is slightly colder than the “b”.

An indicator for choosing your plants

You can grow perennials, trees and shrubs with the area number of your area or a lower number. For example, if you are in a 5b ranked area, you can plant the range of zone 5b plants or colder zones (5a, 4, 3, 2, etc.).

There are often microclimates within a given area. These microclimates are often favored by shelterbelts or by various other means. The layer of snow can also play a big role in plant survival during the winter. Snow remains the best insulation. It prevents the soil from freezing when it arrives early and it protects from the cold parts below its surface.

When there is snow and you are in a microclimate, it is sometimes possible to plant plants from higher areas in a lower zoned area.

What is my hardiness zone?

You will find below, the hardiness zones of our Passion Jardins centers neighboring towns.

Alma                                    3a Amqui                                 4a Arundel                               4a
Ayer’s Cliff                           4b Baie-Comeau                     3a Bécancour                           4a
Chicoutimi                           3b Disraeli                                4b Drummondville                   5a
Gatineau                             5a Gaspé                                  4a Granby                                 4a
Hawkesbury (ON)               4b Joliette                                 4a L’Assomption                       5a
L’Avenir                               4b La Malbaie                           4a La Pocatière                        4a
Lac Brome                           4b Lachute                               5a Lamèque                             4a
Laval                                     5b Longueuil                             5b Moncton                              5a
Mont-Tremblant                 3a Montebello                         4b Montréal                             5b
Ottawa                                 5a Pierrefonds                         5a Princeville                          4a
Québec                               4b Rimouski                             4a Rivière-du-Loup                 4a
Roberval                               3a Saint-André-Avellin           4a St-Étienne-de-Lauzon       4b
Sait-Felix-de-Valois             4a Saint-Georges                     4a Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu   5a
Saint-Jérôme                       5a Saint-Raymond                   4a Saint-Vallier                         4b
Sainte-Agathe                    4a Ste-Anne-des-Lacs             4b Sainte-Claire                       4a
Sainte-Dorothée                 5a Saint-Hyacinthe                 4b Sainte-Madeleine               5a
Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce   4b Sainte-Thérèse                   5b Shawinigan                         4a
Sherbrooke                         4b Sorel                                     5a Terrebonne                         5b
Thetford Mines                   4a Trois-Rivières                    4b Valleyfield                           5b
Vaudreuil                             5b Verchères                           5b Victoriaville                         4b
Warwick                               4b


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