Additional Information

 The key to success

  1. Apply 2.25 kg fertilizer per 100 m2 (4.5 lbs/1,000 sq ft) 8 weeks after Step 2 application. To apply fertilizer evenly, use a spreader and apply twice, once horizontally and once vertically, taking care to use only half of the required quantity each time. Note: In case of accidental spill, don’t flee the scene. Simply rake fertilizer to spread it over a larger area.
  2. If weather is dry, water immediately after fertilization.
  3. Missing summer that once again left us to soon.
Can be used to fertilize trees and shrubs
  1. In the spring or in the fall, dig holes under the branch tips. They should be 30 cm (1 ft) apart.
  2. Pour fertilizer in the holes.
  3. Fill holes with compost.

Pro tip

  • Risk of fertilizer burn increases when too much fertilizer is applied or if it is applied in dry weather, with
  • temperatures higher than 28 °C (82 °F).
  • Use product on a well-established lawn only.
  • Do not apply to frozen soil or if heavy rain is expected.
  • Spread as evenly as possible to prevent fertilizer burn.

Application rate and coverage

9 kg (19.85 lbs) of fertilizer covers an area of about 400 m2 (4 305 sq ft).


Trees and shrubs
For trees and shrubs Use about 125 g (160 ml or 2/3 cup) per meter of plant height.
For big trees Use about 250 ml (1 cup) for every 3 cm (1 in) of trunk diameter.