Additional Information

The key to success

New vegetable garden, flower bed or lawn
  1.  Remove grass and weeds.
  2. Spread 16 to 20 bags of soil per 10 m2 (100 sq ft) and mix with existing soil, in order to obtain a minimum of 10 cm (4 in) of loose soil.
  3. Add 1 bag of compost for every 4 bags of Passion Jardins soil.
  4. Proceed with planting.
  5. Gaze at the clouds.
  1.  Water as needed, preferably in the morning.
  2. Fertilize with the appropriate Passion Jardins fertilizer. Follow instructions carefully.
Existing flower bed or garden vegetable
  1. Dig a hole with the appropriate dimensions.
  2. Place plant in hole, making sure the collar is at par with soil level.
  3. Fill remaining space with a soil and compost mix* and lightly pack until the surface is even.
  4. Water generously.
  5. Spread mulch around plant, being careful to leave some space around the collar.
  6. Find a cloud with the shape of an animal.

 *Add 1 bag of compost for every 4 bags of Passion Jardins soil.

Application rate and coverage

A 25 L bag allows for transplant of approximately…

Number of plants Diameter of the container Container volume
cm in L gal
6 10 4 1 0,25
2 15 6 4 1
1 20 8 8 2

For a new vegetable garden, flower bed or lawn, add 16 to 20 bags / 10 m2 (100 sq ft).