Additional Information

The key to success

New plant
  1.  Choose a plant pot with a perforated bottom.
  2. Add potting soil until collar is 1.25 cm (0.5 in) from edge.
  3. Fill remaining space with potting soil and lightly pack until the surface is even.
  4. Water generously
  5. Admire proudly.
  1.  Water as needed, preferably in the morning.
  2. Remove wilted flowers regularly.
  3. Fertilize with the appropriate Passion Jardins fertilizer. Follow instructions carefully.

Pro tip

 ** Line bottom of pot with compost before planting.


Add Passion Jardins Long Lasting fertilizer 15-9-12 when potting, according to the manufacturer’s label recommendations.

Vegetables and herbs

Add Passion Jardins Natural Fruit& Vegetable fertilizer 4-2-7, according to the manufacturer’s label recommendations.

Application rate and coverage

A 30 L bag allows for transplant of approximately…

  • 4 hanging baskets 30 cm (12 in)


  • 2 60 cm (24 in) flower boxes


  • 1 patio pot 40 cm (16 in)