How to maintain your vegetable garden?

By devoting a few hours per week to the maintenance of your vegetable garden, you will avoid many inconveniences and you will promote the growth of your vegetable plants.

Here are some tips and actions to prioritize:

  • Perform regular manual weeding
  • Promote deep watering as needed (once a week) rather than frequent surface only watering
  • Break the soil surface between rows and around seedlings every 2 weeks (hoeing)
  • Spread natural mulch in traffic areas
  • Clean the plants regularly. Remove damaged leaves, cut broken stems.
  • Harvest herbs, vegetables and berries regularly
  • At the end of June, apply an additional supply of organic fertilizer for vegetables, rich in potassium (tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers)

Nevertheless, some pests may invade your vegetable garden. To control them, you can use, only when needed, ecological and biological insecticides, or use the protective properties of herbs