How to harvest herbs?

You have made your herb selection and following the respected planting steps, your plants thank you with a beautiful production. Here are some picking tips to preserve all of their qualities.

What is the best time to harvest?

Harvesting herbs is ideally done in the morning. At this time of day, the aerial parts of the herbs are firm and full of flavors.

How to harvest?

  • Delicately manipulate the edible parts during the harvest
  • Harvest parts of stems (not just the leaves), here and there on the plant, helps preserve the ornamental appearance
  • Harvest just before buds flower for tastier herbs that are easier to preserve
  • Remove the flowers before they flower to retain all the flavor of the leaves and stems
  • Harvest throughout the summer season in small quantities
  • Never take more than 1/3 of the plant at a time, except for the last harvest.

Variation of crops according to the type of plant

Although some stems can be picked throughout the summer, the most productive harvests vary, depending on the type of plant:

Annual and biennial:

The first harvest, in mid-summer, as soon as the flower buds are formed. Take care to leave 5 rows of leaves on each stem. The second will be at the end of the summer, before the frost. You will cut the whole plant.


In the first year, make small harvests to promote their growth. In the following years, four harvests can be made during the summer (2/3 of the plant at a time). The last harvest is done before the frost, taking care to leave at least 1/3 of the plant in the garden.