Trendy tips to creating beautiful houseplant arrangements


More than just adding greenery to our homes, household plants are living decorative objects. Their presence adds a finishing touch to any modern, contemporary or traditional decor.

Isolated in a corner of the room, on a window sill or suspended near a light source, household plants add a splash of green in our home. However, it’s time we change our vision of how to showcase houseplants and dare to be original. Why not take time to create bright and harmonious interior plant arrangements by placing several plants with different shapes and textures in the same pot? You will be pleasantly surprised by the results!

Here are some practical tips that will help you achieve beautiful, personalized houseplant arrangements that will bring a unique atmosphere to your home.


How to choose the best houseplants for stellar arrangements

Lorsque vous choisissez vos plantes pour créer des associations végétales, vous devez suivre certains critères afin d’assurer des accords harmonieux :

  • Choose plants with particular ornamental qualities, such as: decorative foliage, contrasting hue, fine or coarse textures, colorful bloom and distinctive port.
  • In a single pot, add plants that require similar growing conditions (watering, brightness, fertilizer, soil, etc.).
  • Pay special attention to the size of each mature plant to avoid competition (don’t forget that small plants will become bigger plants).
  • Choose a good-size container in a subtle colour that can accommodate your houseplant arrangement. Plastic, sandstone, metal (stainless steel), and domomite materials are very interesting to highlight the plants’ decorative characteristics.


Create a harmonious household plant arrangement

Once you have met these selection criteria, it’s time for you to arrange the carefully chosen houseplants to create a harmonious household plant arrangement.

  • Very large plants are highlighted when they are alone in their pots because their presence will quickly annihilate or hide the specific features of other plants.
  • The peculiar silhouette of palms (large or small) adds a touch of exoticism and fluidity that harmonizes well with that of interior begonias, which have rounded and sometimes serrated foliage; this can offer an interesting contrast of texture, color and shape.
  • Plants with clean and sleek lines like the Mother-in-Law’s-Tongue provides a modern and refined style any household plant arrangement.
  • Plants with delicate foliage, falling port or sporadic flowering are additions that serve as links between plants united in the same pot.
  • Use foliage plants with green tones to show off beautiful variations.


Make sure you avoid:

  • Too strong or too pronounced contrasts that will attract attention and leave the other plants in the shade.
  • Addition of small plants to surround and dress the base of large specimens
  • Overloading the pots, respect the recommended planting distances.

Gone are the lonely houseplants that live the single life in their own pots. You are finally ready to plan and create splendid plant arrangements that will enhance and brighten your rooms!