Companion planting – vegetables and edible plants

In gardens, plants have an important role to play. They are not only decorative or edible. Many of them are very useful for promoting the growth of their companions or repelling certain pests. Studies have shown that certain plant associations can significantly reduce the use of pesticides which harm health and the environment.

Passion Jardins offers you useful charts to learn beneficial and harmful associations in the garden.

Garden Vegetables

A few beneficial associations

Carrots Onions Radish  Leeks
Beans Savory
Asparagus Tomatoes
Eggplants Peas
Beets Cabbage
Broccolis Legumes Celeries
Cucumbers Lettuces Legumes Broccolis
Squashes Radish Legumes
Spinach Onions Eggplants Strawberries
Sweet peppers Carrots Onions
Leeks Carrots Celeries

A few harmful associations

Asparagus Onions
Beets Beans
Broccolis Tomatoes
Squashes Potatoes
Beans Leeks
Onions Legumes
Tomatoes Cabbages


A few beneficial associations

Dill Sage Thyme  
Basil Sage Thyme
Tarragon Marjoram
Fennel Rosemary
Marjoram Tarragon
Oregano Savory
Parsley Oregano Rosemary
Rosemary Sage Fennel Parsley
Savory Oregano
Sage Rosemary Basil
Dill Basil

Herbs and vegetables

Herbs are natural caregivers in the vegetable garden thanks to their essential oils. Planted close to certain plants, they promote their development and remove most pests.

A few beneficial association

Dill Cabbages  
Basil Eggplants Asparagus Tomatoes
Chive Apple tree Carrots Lettuces
Coriander Potatoes Carrots Nasturtium
Tarragon Beets Cabbages
Fennel Cabbages
Marjoram Cucumbers Squashes
Mint Tomatoes Turnips Cabbage family
Oregano Cabbages Cucumbers
Parsley Carrots Asparagus Tomatoes
Rosemary Cabbages Beans Carrots
Savory Beans Onions
Sage Carrots Cabbages Tomatoes
Thyme Eggplants Cabbages Tomatoes

A few harmful associations

Dill Carrots
Fennel With most vegetables except cabbage

Edible garden flowers

A few beneficial associations

Borage Strawberries, squash and tomatoes
Nasturtium Tomatoes, squash, radish, celeries, coriander, fruit trees and most vegetables
Beebalm Tomatoes
Marigold Tomato, asparagus and potatoes
Marigolds All vegetables, tomatoes and basil
Sunflower Corn, peas and cucumbers