Clematis – tips for planting

The planting place – of great importance

The Clematis is a capricious perennial plant, they don’t like to be changed places. It is therefore very important to properly choose their location in the garden, ensuring that the soil drainage is excellent.

How to plant it?

This creeping plant requires a specific planting technique to ensure it is offered all the help it needs to grow well. The clematis should be planted slightly inclined toward its support and the first two leaves of the plant buried in the hole, below ground level. This method of planting will prevent the wilt of the clematis disease from destroying the plant.

We also advise you to add a good soil mixture and make sure that the clematis’ foot is shaded. The creeper’s roots being very close to the surface, they are often affected by the sun that is too hot. A ground cover will be very effective for doing this job.